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Hi, I’m Jaskaran Saini from Leipzig, Germany. I have been sharing content on the internet from last 5 years across major social media platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Reddit and LinkedIn. In 2020, I started offering my Freelance services, helping creators and brands with social media marketing and content creation for other communities. To keep up with Social Media, I started a newsletter called “The Social Juice” where I share marketing Updates, Resources and tools with 1,654+ fellow marketers and creators. That’s what I am upto right now. You can Read more about me here!



I share Marketing related Updates, resources and Tools- Every Sunday. More Than 1,700 marketers are waiting for this weeks edition. Algorithms are changing everyday if you are not informed you are missing out!

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I am providing services like social media strategy, Content creation for social media. You can find my services here and reach out to me through contact form listed on that webpage.

As a content creator and marketer, I was always studying new-to-new updates. I started sharing those weekly updates that I found on Instagram and after that took off on Instagram. I distributed the content on other platforms. As the audience grew, newsletter changed and till now it’s evolving more and more.

Besides from Newsletter and freelance work, I’ve been working on my next e-book and building a marketing resource that includes every useful tool that a marketer need!

In last 5 years, I have worked with marketing teams at brands like Sked social, Wynter, Hashtag Creator and many others. while in 2020-2021, I worked majorly with creators helping them with social media and making monetization and growth easy for them. 

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