15+ Marketing Updates of October 2022 You Missed

Hey, Here’s what happened in 3rd Week of October 2022 related to marketing and Advertising world. From IG to Snapchat Updates, This Edition covers Marketing News that matters!

Top 5 Updates of the Week:

• Netflix with Ads is here with a Bad Pricing Plan. (Insider)

• Tiktok World Event 2022 occurred last week, launched new updates to Creator Marketplace and new Advertising plans. (SMT)

• Twitter launches “Link Spotlight” A link button with 7 Different CTAs. (Check)

• Google’s Display Ads get better and more personal with New Ad Tech. (SEJ)

• Facebook rolled out a new “Page Experience” with new layout for pages. (Check)

Google Updates 🔍

• Google Rolling out Site names and Updated Favicon Logos in Search Results. (Read)

• Google Ads First Party Cookies now Support personalisation. ( Blog)

• Google Ads to Discontinue Content Targeting For Youtube Conversion Campaigns in 2023. (SEL)

• Google Webmaster Guidelines Rebranded as Google Search Essentials with New additions. (Seroundtable)

• Google Data Studio now known as Looker Studio. (SEL)

• Google Ads label for users is new black bold text “Sponsored”. (SEL)

Tiktok Updates 🎶

• TikTok launches Profile Kit to add up to six videos on other sites with help of linktree. (Read)

• Tiktok is planning to open US product fulfilment Centers and moving more deeply into e-commerce. (MD)

• Tiktok owned Editing Tool “CapCut” launches a pro plan with more editing features. (App)

Instagram Updates 🧞‍♂️

• Instagram testing “Achievement Badges” to Incentivise Reels Creators. (PP)

• Instagram expands AI-powered Age verification program to India and Brazil. (Read)

• Instagram is testing a new feature to invite other creators to edit reels together during a collaboration. (Check))

Meta Updates 🦕

• Meta Connect 2022 Held last week and launched Legs in Metaverse and revealed declining revenue numbers. (FC)

• Meta and Microsoft Announced new Partnership at Microsoft Event Last Week for Metaverse’s Hardware requirements. (BP)

• Meta is ending support for Instant Articles. (Axioms)

• WhatsApp is testing “Edit Button” for Messages with 15 minute limit. (AP)

Twitter Updates 🐧

• Twitter’s working on making #hashtags not clickable. (9to5)

• Twitter is Testing a feature to turn off mentions for your username. (Blog)

• Twitter announced Audio Chats within Twitter Communities for users to interact more. (Tweet)

• Twitter’s new Edit feature is a flop as no-one seems to buy Twitter Blue to access the limited feature. (Check)

YouTube Updates 🎥

• YouTube launches usernames for every YouTube Channel Owner, it was previously limited to few Creators only. (Blog)

• YouTube launches new updated Analytics UI in YouTube Studio App. (SMT)

Snapchat Updates 🎃

• Snapchat brings parental control to India with Family Center. (TC)

• Snapchat launches AR filter for Halloween for Try-Ons and Brands to sell Costumes through AR. (Read)

Microsoft Updates👨‍💼

• Microsoft office is being rebranded as part of Microsoft 365 plan. (Read )

• Microsoft is launching Graphic Design App “Designer” to Compete with Canva. (CNBC)

• Bing is getting an AI-Image generator added to the search engine. (SEJ)

Marketing News 📣

• WordPress 6.1 Scheduled to launch in November 2022. (SEJ)

• Google approves Truth Social in Play Store. (Axios)

• Starbucks Partners with Delta Airlines to launch new Rewards Program. (MD)

• Google Meets gets automatic meeting Transcriptions. (TC)

• Asana boosts goal tracking resource management and security + collab with meta for a new workspace. (CW)

• Neeva, A privacy friendly Search Engine launched in EU by Google’s Previous head of Advertising Business. (BW)

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