Here’s What Happened In July 3rd Week on Social Media

You made it here to read marketing changes of this week!


  • Google adds Automatic Upgrades to Performance Max for Smart Shopping Campaigns. (Read )
  • Google people also ask feature returns back to normal. ( SEL)
  • Google search console adds CNAME Verification. (SEL)
  • Google Ads launch new features making Video Ads Creation Easier. (SEJ)
  • Google adds messaging automation through business profiles. (SEL)
  • Google Ads & Adsense Advertisers console delayed again. (Seroundtable)


  • Tiktok will now let users turn on closed captions even if a creator doesn’t! ( Read
  • TikTok is taking over as a search engine for adults, survey shows. (SMT)
  • TikTok feature in testing: stories will be shown in “inbox” tab of Tiktok. (Watch)


  • Instagram announced every video under 15 minutes is considered now reels. (Mosseri)
  • Instagram is back with Maps and now stories are shown with location tags. It’s the best IG feature of year. (Check)
  • Instagram’s new payment feature allows users buy products via DMs. (TC)
  • You can now boost IG reels within App with promote button. (Read)


  • Twitter Spaces Clips are available to share on iOS and Android. Anyone can share audio clips from spaces. ( TV)
  • Twitter blames revenue drop in Q2 2022 on Elon Musk. (Adweek)


  • Facebooks launches new “Feeds” tab where you can see friends and users you follow posts in chronological order . (TC)
  • Meta launches “small business support” project. (SMT)
  • Facebook gaming now lets creator turn their live gameplay into reels. (TC)
  • WhatsApp will finally let you hide your online status. (Mashable )


  • LinkedIn Business manager is now in public beta. (SEL)
  • LinkedIn carousels are official and here’s what you need to know. (SMT)
  • LinkedIn announces expansion of Creator accelerator program. (Check)

YouTube & Snapchat: 

  • YouTube partners with Shopify to add live shopping features. (CNBC)
  • YouTube decreases length of copyright Dispute Process. (SEJ)
  • YouTube launches text markup and New loyalty badges options. (SMT)
  • Snapchat brings web version of the app after a decade. (Reuters)
  • Snapchat’s growth slows in Q2 data shows. (Adweek)


  • WordPress releases Gutenberg 13.7 focused on Workflow! ( SEJ)
  • Microsoft Teams is launching Facebook like Features to make it more interactive. (TV)
  • T-Mobile refreshes Ad business with new name and Ad-based insights. (MD)
  • Twitch will now let streamers share info on banned users. (Read)
  • Walmart integrates CommerceIQ to fortify it’s retail media advertising platform. (MD)

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