Master Instagram Reels In 7 Steps and go viral!

After analyzing more than 3,545 reels and 296 tiktoks. Here is what you need to know about Instagram reels!

The TikTok replica feature “reels” is not what you think because the reels algorithm is different from TikTok’s algorithm in various aspects.

That’s why here is how the Instagram reels algorithm works in 7 steps. Let’s Study the algorithm to master the feature!

1. Create Tiktok formatted content

2,000+ reels out of 3,545 were TikTok reposts and 500+ were using trending TikTok music, topic, or style. What does this show? This shows us that the algorithm prefers TikTok formatted content nkg original.

Proof: Create a new TikTok account and post 3 original videos. Same with Instagram, start a new account and post the same 3 videos. You will see more reach on Tiktok. Why?

Because TikTok’s algorithm is organic while Instagram reels algorithm is organic for a specific format of content and that format is Tiktok!

So, what should you do?

  1. Study your niche on TikTok and Instagram
  2. Find the formats, sounds, and topics trending on both platforms.
  3. Observe the similarities and differences between the formats and chose the one that’s ruling!
  4. Create original content in that format to make the algorithm push your piece of content.

Now, you know what type of content you need to create for algorithm. What’s next?

2. Focus on hooking viewers for more than 3 seconds

Instagram is filled with bots and due to that algorithm consider a reel viewed only when the user stays for more than 3 seconds. That’s why you need to focus on your hook.

Your reel should open with a hook-like an attention-grabbing scene or heading to stop people from moving to next reel.

You can do that by showing the best part at the start of your reel in the first few seconds or by writing an excellent heading with a copywriting tool.

Or you should create loop videos that will keep the viewer hooked for whole video not just few seconds!

More For You:

  • Learn how to hook people at first sight by watching Logan Paul’s vlog. See how he does it and try to do something like that in reels.
  • Use Copywriting Tools like Copy AI to write attention-grabbing headlines and scripts for your videos.
  • Watch how Dylan Lemay creates loop videos and use that tactic to grow on TikTok and try to create loops like him for Instagram reels.

What’s next after hooking up the audience?

3. Researching and Finding Viral Reel Ideas

Now you know what type of reels go viral. One that is TikTok formatted and has a hook. Now, you need ideas that are worthy of going viral. And here is how to do it!

Pick 15 hashtags in your niche with similar audiences like #socialmediamarketing and #socialmediamanager both have about 90% similar audiences. Then, observe the type of reels going viral on these hashtags. You will notice about 10-20 videos that are showing up on most of the hashtags you chose!

See those reels are built on a viral idea because that’s why you see them all over the place. And that’s the type of idea you need but how can you confirm that?

Observe the differences and common points between your idea and the idea going viral on reels. You will understand what you need to go viral. And if you find this difficult, try to replicate the viral idea with a different touch and slight changes.

Also: You can also research viral ideas through explore page and by finding fast-growing accounts through reels.

Not every idea is viral, that’s why you need to research and find them or replicate them. And after that you need to!

4. Keep your reels length within 7-14 seconds

Most reels during my research were short while 300 reels were under 10 seconds and about 500+ reels between 11-14 seconds. While less than 100 reels were above 15 seconds and 60-second reels I don’t even remember if I saw any but I saw about 10 60-second Tiktok videos.

All this is not because of the algorithm, this is because of the attention span of viewers. Various researches from time to time have shown that user attention span is decreasing that’s why you can’t keep them hooked for so long even if you successfully hooked them.

That’s why try to keep your reels short as that will help you catch followers fast but after that try to

5. Make Relationship Based Reels

The first four steps will help you to go viral with Instagram reels. But you just don’t want fast followers, you also want them to stay. Am I right?

If yes, then you need relationship-based reels. See you just grew a bunch of followers through that viral but now you need to stay and engage with your content + trust you. That’s you need to create reels that will make them trust you. How?

To create that type of reel, you need to ask relatable questions to your audience in reels or discuss long topics in reels. See these types of reels will not help you grow so fast but these reels will help you build the trust of your existing followers because in viral reels you can’t build that! 

6. Post Consistently For 30 Days

30-days reels challenge is what you need next because many creators in my network went on 30 days challenge and they saw huge growth in followers. But why?

Because your reels style will develop with consistency and you will hit the point where few reels will see higher engagement than others and you will grew new followers.

Instagram reels are also about trends while you are being consistent for 30 days. You can easily hop on new trends going on and attract new followers.

Also, the bond with your existing followers will increase. So, many reasons to go on the 30-Day Challenge. What’s stopping you?

7. Bonus Tips To Go Viral On Reels

Here are a few bonus tips you can use to increase the chances of going viral on Instagram Reels:-

  1. Use Trending Sounds on Tiktok or use trending sounds on the background and add your voiceover as overlay.
  2. Post your reels to stories because story views count as views.
  3. Use less than 10 hashtags and always use big hashtags on reels for more reach.
  4. Repurpose your TikTok’s as Instagram reels.

Now, what?

End: Will These Tactics Help You to Go Viral on Instagram Reels?

For sure, but it’s on you that what viral means for you. 100k likes on your reels or getting more engagement than you do right now. For me, going viral means if I am getting 5,000-7,000 views on my reels and suddenly I got more than 15,000 views. That’s viral for me because I reached more viewers than I generally do.

So, if you are chasing that I can assure you these tips will help you to achieve that!

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