16+ Side Hustles For Stay at Home Moms-Side-Jobs 2021

Hey any moms here ?

Yeah, It’s obvious as this is an article about side hustles for stay at home jobs. I will not waste your time as these will be the best options for you.

So, I have known some moms that make $10,000 to $60,000+ per month. I am not joking, you are going to know how those moms became Super-moms.

Let’s dive into the List of 16+ Side jobs for Stay at home jobs.

Before that respect to all the moms of the world as the moms are the Best teachers of life.

1. Teach Cooking on Youtube

We all know that moms are the best cooks in the world.

Cooking channels are viral, and there are many dishes on YouTube that people search for but can’t find. So, you can make videos with recipes that are not found.

My tip to growing a cooking channel as a mom is that making videos in your local language to target a specific amount of people. Make dishes that are not easily available on YouTube and last but the best is come up with secret tricks to do best.

  • You can make $1,000-$100,000+ with this side-job.
  • Great if you love cooking.
  • You can also start a blog about cooking or make videos on Instagram.

2. Data Entry & Amazon Mechanical Turk

You just need to have a laptop or PC. Then, you can make money from doing this side-job as a stay at home mom.

So, What is Data Entry?

Data Entry is a task in which you have to enter or update previous data from your computer for a client or a company. You can find data entry tasks on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, or People per hour.

  • You can Make $12-20+ per hour.
  • Easy job and require hardly any skills. Just a little bit of knowledge of working on a Computer.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

It is also quite similar to data but you not only get tasks like Data entry but lots of other tasks to do.

Anyone can join Amazon Mechanical Turk by clicking here.

As told by amazon, they say some people want to get their work done and some want to work to get paid. The place for both is Amazon Mechanical Turk.

  • You can Make $5-10+ per task.
  • Some tasks require skills and some actually don’t require skills.

3. Start a Blog

Blogging is not a thing you can make money from the first day but it’s the thing that if you give just 1-2 hours per day. It can change your life on long term basis.

There are lots of successful Mom bloggers. Like startamomblog.com makes $66,000+ per month. It’s not like that you will achieve that mark in few months.

Blogging is a race, mostly rabbits fail here and Tortoises wins.

  • You can make $100-$100,000 per month.
  • In the first year, most people don’t even make $1000. So, you have to learn and implement skills that you can learn from YouTube.
  • People who do blogging for more than 4 years are mostly successful.

4. Virtual Assistant

As Businesses go online the demand for virtual assistants go up and 2021 will lead to more opportunities to become Virtual assistant.

Businesses need an assistant for Pinterest, Facebook-messenger, and their websites. The demand is huge, you can work from home and just a few hours a week.

  • You can make $18-50 per hour.
  • Easily find jobs through Upwork, Freelancer, and opportunities from LinkedIn.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is like an independent-job you work for people around the world. They appoint you to get that work done.

Someone can appoint you to teach them about cooking food or maybe how to become professional in photography. You can offer any service but in freelancing either you reach the client or they reach you.

This is the bet recommendation for me for stay at home moms looking for side-jobs.

If you want to be a freelancer, some of the things you can do and get paid easily are Blog writing, Photo editing and services related to marketing.

  • You can make $10-20+ per hour for services like Writing.
  • In case of services like marketing, you can make $20-100+ per hour.

4. Cake shop

In the neighborhood, there are days when people want the cake to celebrate. So, making cakes on occasions is not a bad idea, and it’s not important to open a shop.

You can just take orders as an individual and fulfill them. To get more orders, work-free, and make your neighbors promote your work.

  • You can charge $50-100+ per cake.
  • It’s a great side-job and you can work on demand.

5. Be a Professional Mom

You will be thinking who is a professional mom?

Yes, it’s interlinked. If you don’t know actually there is a professional dad in Australia who teaches mom and dads how to handle children.

He makes videos about that about parenting and became local celebrity in Australia.

So, go give some tips on parenting and be a professional mom. If you know how to become that you can make a significant amount of money.

6. Sell Printables on Etsy

Many moms and girls are selling printables on Etsy which are in huge demand. Making them is easy and you go on canva and create them.

Then, start selling them on Etsy. The reason why they are famous because of their designs and creativity. It’s a great source of passive income. Once, you create it and launch it on the store.

People keep buying and you get your money in the bank. I will mention a video before that here is how much you can make from them.

  • You can make $100-2,000+ per month.

7. Bookkeeper

So, basically a bookkeeper maintains and keep the records of financial transactions of a business.

Bookkeeping can be a choice now but it is dying year by year and will see a huge fall in opportunities till 2029. But as I know it’s a good job and doesn’t require too much effort but most of the time check glassdoor if you want to work.

  • You can make $30-35+ per hour.

8. Tutoring

If you can help the next generation with their study. Then, you must go for tutoring as it’s a great job and also it’s also very respectable. As of covid-19 parents now look for local tutoring and there are opportunities to get paid more.

Be on google maps, list you as Tutor available nearby and distribute posters of tutoring service available for children.

  • You can get paid $30-100+ per hour.

9. Amazon Local Delivery

Amazon offers a job for taking products from there local warehouse and deliver it to the potential costumers.

This is a great job and with few demands by amazon which are pretty normal.

The demands are you must be 18 and have a car with space for keeping products safe.

  • You can get $30-100+ per delivery.
  • Chance of paid amount increase with long-distance delivery.

10. Online Dance Teacher

If you are interested in teaching dance to people online, this must be a great side-job for you.

Then, this can be an opportunity for you to teach dance as a side-job. Some ways in which you can find clients are post dance videos on Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook.

If you become successful at this, surely open a dance academy.

  • You can get paid $20+ per hour and $500+ monthly.

11. Translator

Businesses wants to go worldwide and if a business from Italy wants to collaborate with business in America.

They need a translator and you have opportunity as the demand of translators are increasing these days.

More than 20% increase in demand of Translators occurred in 2020.

  • You can make $16-40+ per hour.

12. Babysitting Service

If you have energy and lots of time. Then, you can surely consider to take this as a side-job.

Some people find daycare expensive and they look for babysitters. Experienced babysitters are in huge demand and mainly it never decreases.

You can find opportunities on sitter.com.

  • You can make $20-30+ per month.

13. Surveys

You can make some extra income by filling online surveys.

There are many survey sites and some have extra benefits not only surveys but have cashback coupons and gift cards.

Some of the legit websites are:

14. Laundry Service

As a mom you can really start a laundry service as of my thinking.

Some of the things I will recommend are that define your service area, plan your schedule, and make sure you give delivery service as it’s one of the core things for success in Laundry services.

Be on social media and google maps as most people find services from searching on these places.

  • Average wash and dry can help you make $1-4+ per person.
  • There can be more money if you have trusted customers.

15. Start Dog Walking

Dog walking is simple and you need no introduction to this side-job.

But a business strategy which will work if you do it the right way, to get people pay you for this work.

Promote your service through posters in the local area. Visit parks and show your skills and love to handle dogs. Be famous for your work of handling dogs.

Also, work for free when starting to get some exposure.

  • You can make $5-15+ per hour.

16. Affiliate Marketing

You can do affiliate marketing and promote products of amazon and even some other big brands. Simply, you can find an affiliate option at the end of websites and promote products.

A simple way is to recommend people better products and send them your affiliate link which helps you get some commission.

If you are looking for a side-job which can replace job this is one of them. Check in details through Video.

  • You can make $10-1,000+ per hour.

17. Cashback Apps

Ibotta and apps like Rakuten pays you cashback when shop on your favorite stores online.

Then you receive a paycheck of that cashback before the end of the month.

These apps pay you for every single purchase from grocery to clothes. All purchases get you cashback, there are many other apps know that by visiting here.

18. Medium Story Writer

Medium is a website and platform through which you can write stories about your life or things you know about in your life.

You can join the medium’s partner program and monetize your stories. Medium pays through stripe and you get paid per month.

Writers make money there, according to claps. Like about 10-20 claps is worth $1.

  • You can make $100-$500+ per month.

Other Side-jobs that can be Done

  • Proofreader
  • Real estate consultant
  • Social media manager
  • Local guide
  • Product Photography
  • Party organizer
  • Airbnb Rental Service
  • Catering
  • Car Renting.

Mom’s Inspiring Stories

A mom makes $8,000 per month from writing on medium.com and she just started writing stories on medium as she says and love for writing made her shine from rest.

Another story is of mom selling printables on Etsy who makes $2,000 per month from designs that she created years ago.

Mom bloggers keep sharing their ideas on Pinterest. Check there for more things and these are really great moms ruling side-jobs.

You Reached Turf

So, these were some amazing side-jobs for stay at home moms. Hope you really like the recommendations and try one of them. There were more online jobs listed by me. If you want offline jobs then comment down.

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