Social Media Updates of May 2022 ( 2nd Week)

  1. Tiktok Launches new Insights Tool to help you find your target Market and audience. 
  2. Instagram Announced NFT Collectibles are coming to the platform.
  3. Google Allows FAQ markup for Non-FAQ content.
  4. YouTube Shorts now have green screen compatible With All videos. 
  5. “My Ads Center” is coming to Google which allows people to have more access over Ads they see on Google. 
  6. Netflix officially announced Ads are coming to platform by end of the Year. 
  7. Twitter introduced new policies to highlight its efforts to combat spam and duplicate tweets. 
  8. Google Tests new Ad format with Swipe able image carousels. 
  9. Instagram Expands Story Avatars to Other Countries in Europe And Asia. 
  10. Tiktok is expanding “watch history”. You will be able to check your history like YouTube if you don’t have that feature. 
  11. LinkedIn introduces Live Captions for Audio Events. 
  12. YouTube hopes to improve reach with New Brand Safety Tools. 
  13. Elon musk says Twitter Deal is temporarily on Hold and announced lifting Trump’s Ban. 
  14. Facebook is set to cut payments of journalists as the platform announced its reconsidering how to promote news content. 
  15. Google reveals new image ranking signal, inclusive sigma. 
  16. Twitter is working on a start a Space about this tweet Feature. You will be able to start a space about a tweet directly. 
  17. Microsoft Bing Tests Interesting Reads. 
  18. YouTube is testing a membership gifting feature with selected creators. 
  19. Instagram is testing a following Tab for Reels in India. 
  20. Google Universal Analytics Real Time Reports Now Changed To “In Last 5 Minutes”
  21. Twitter is testing Notes. It’s an old twitter feature “Articles” redesigned as Notes! 
  22. New Translated Results Search Appearance Filter Added to Google Search Console Performance Report
  23. Shopify launched a new audience Tool to help brands target audience better!  ( Link In SaaS Section ). 
  24. YouTube is rolling out its Clips feature to all creators. 
  25. Tiktok set to surpass YouTube In Watch Time This Year in US. 
  26. Google l/O Event Happened on 11-12 May. (Check Details in Marketing Resources section). 
  27. Links are coming to this newsletter from next week! 
  28. Adobe Launched New Creative Cloud Express features helpful for Social media managers. 
  29. Google’s multi search to gain near me support. 
  30. Tiktok Announces First “For You” summit in Canada. 

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