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Anurani- SMM
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"When I open my mail I saw the headlines which insisted me to open it and when I've readd that mail, I found it so vluable that I left my mail and jump on Instagram to find him.
Hardik- Startup founder
Hardik- Startup founder @heyhardikmalhotra
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I recently came across an Instagram page named @jaskaransainiz, which was created by a social media marketer named Jaskaran Saini. I have to say that the vibe of his posts is what makes his content so appealing. Also, he is gathering daily updates of social media news and providing premium subscriber access through his newsletter called Social Juice. I personally am enjoying this source as well as being grateful because they are the ones who let me get updated and know the latest trends in social media. I just want them to know good luck in their future and thank you for your hard work! And yeah I addicted to your page man.