16+ Well-Paying jobs online | Make $8,000+ per month

I lost my job due to covid-19 but I didn’t suffer as I got a well-paying job online and now I am working from home. It’s too comfortable, oh you are also looking for well-paying jobs online.

Don’t worry I am going to tell you 18 famous and 2 secret jobs to make $8,000+ per month.

By the way, some of the jobs require skills to get employed but don’t worry. As most of the jobs and skills required for them can be learned through Youtube and google for free.

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1. Be a Social media manager

You can be a social media manager and its a dream job for some people.


It’s a quite simple job and it doesn’t require any hard skills. You can learn that some of the basics through youtube. As a social media manager, you can be appointed to manage social media accounts of businesses or models like Apple, Lil nas x, or any of the local brands in your neighborhood.

Skills Required

  1. Analytics Reading
  2. Content creation
  3. Social media marketing
  4. Good communication skills

Monthly Income

You can make anywhere between $1,000-$20,000+ working as a social media manager. An average brand pays $500-1000+ for managing there one social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. Most people working as a social media manager manages 2-6 brands at a time.

My Friend working as a social media manager

My friend living in Canada work as a social media manager. He manages social media account of local garages in his city. Currently, he is managing 5 social media accounts and they pays him anywhere between $500-1,000+ dollars.

He makes $5,000+ from his job and loves it.

2. Proof Reading

You just need a good skill to catch mistakes and some errors in books and documents. Also, like some bloggers don’t want to go through whole blog to check grammatic errors. Then they pay people to fix them.

You can also be one of those people and earn $10-17+ per hour.

Experienced proof readers can make anywhere from $25-50+ per hour.

Monthly & Yearly Income

You can make $1,000-3,000+ per month and $30,000-60,000+ per year. You can make this amount even working only half-time.

Learn Proof reading

Caitlin Pyle has earned more than $40,000+ per year and she works half-time only. Learn from here that how you can also do that – Click here to learn now.

3. Teacher at Skillshare ( Easiest)

Yeah, Every person has one skill and that skill can be teached by you. As, you are master in it and can help others with it.

Seriously, When i was child the skill which was in me, i always though no one has and there is also a skill like that in you. So, you can make a course about that skill in about 5-10+ videos and share it on skill-share.

You will get paid when someone buys your course you get money. You can create more and more courses if there is demand.

Yearly & Monthly income

You can make even $0 or $100,000. Yes and its all about is your course worth it or not.

You can be Teacher also on Many Other Websites

You can teach people on Udemy, its similar to skillshare.

Also, You can teach on Fiverr, Upwork, and people per hour. These websites will pay you per hour to teach them. But not on Fiverr as they will pay you directly for the whole work at one time.

4. Be an SEO expert

If you don’t know what ‘SEO’ stands for let me tell you that it means ‘search engine optimization’. Like if you searched for ‘well-paying jobs online’ and came across this article. This what SEO does it helps website show up on a topic when someone searches it.

SEO experts charges 1000s of dollars as according to there experience in the field. Basically, SEO is not an easy job it requires years of practice as people say but you can learn about it for free on Youtube or by searching it on google.

Monthly & Yearly Income

So, you are going to shock. As basically SEO experts makes money for the projects. They do and according to what the business person or the client needs through the work.

As you google how much a SEO project for 1 keyword costs it starts from $1,000+ and it also depends on the person doing the project.

Overall, SEO experts can easily make $10,000+ per month as also they will have a blog and it also makes them money.

Yearly, it’s obviously $100,000+

5. Product Photography

Yeah, stay at home and click amazing photos of products and get paid for every project.

Small businesses or amazon sellers want great photos of there product to get more sales. So, just have a great camera grab some white screens around product and click photos.

You can find clients on Upwork, Fiverr and freelancer.

Hourly & Project Income

You can make $19-30+ per hour working as product photographer.


You can charge $100-$300+ per project.

6. Virtual Assitant on Facebook Messenger

Businesses keep looking for opportunities to make there customer support better and its time for 24hr customer support.

For that, they need ‘Virtual assistant’ and specially for Facebook messenger. This job is time consuming and also you need great communication skills. It’s also beneficial as you can work from anywhere and anytime.

As per surveys, by 2025 most businesses will need virtual assistant to increase there Brand value.

Hourly & Monthly Income

You can make $17-30+ per hour and if working as permanent, then you can make $3,000+ per month.

7. Sales and Marketing Executive

If you have skills to increase sales of any online business and can help them launch amazing marketing campaigns to boost sales.

Then, you can work as an executive this is a dream job and as per experience you can be employed by Big companies for different projects.

If I have to describe this job as according to me then this is a ‘dream job’ as if you get right projects.

Monthly/ Project/ Yearly Income

  • You can make $5,000-$10,000+ per month
  • An average low budget project costs like starting from $500 and some marketers charge even $60,000 per project.
  • Generally you can make $60,000-100,000+ per year.

8. Graphic Designer

If you love art, then master the tools like illustrator, photoshop and many more. Then, put some great designs on websites like Dribble and attract clients.

From Dribble, some people get clients like Google. Yes, and they have been featured on many shows by Big Brands.

Graphic designers like Chris do are known in whole world and are known for there work. Chris do makes $100,000 per year.

Monthly/ Project/ Yearly Income

  • You can make $2,000-5,000+ per month
  • Graphic designers generally make income per project and every designer charge different price like $10 to $40,000+ per project.
  • They can make $40,000-60,000+ per year.

9. Programmer

Looking for a job in which you didn’t even need clients as mostly clients need you and even without clients you can get paid.

We all know about Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire and he was not an employee. He was a programmer and created a billion dollar app.

Programmers can change the world through there ideas but first you should learn programming languages like Python, java, C++ and many more. Its not important to learn all, you can master any of them.

Income Analysis

See, they can make money if they make apps or create projects that are going to be source of income for them. Also, according to skills they can be employed by companies like Google.

Like google has said that there employees can work from home if they want. At companies like google you can make $40,000-55,000+ per year.

10. Video Editing

Video editing got an increase in demands as social media platforms like TikTok are known for amazing videos. So, everyone wants great and smooth videos.

Also, every youtuber these days like Logan Paul, Mr.beast and many more need special video editors to get the best out of the shoots.

You need to master apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro X. There are many other softwares it’s on you which you like to master.

Income Known

If you want to start as video editor start offering on Fiverr. Many people charge $5-10 per video but there are also people working $250-500+ per video and are highly recommended.

But If you got opportunity to work for youtubers like Logan Paul. Then $100,000 mark is not far.

11. Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Everyone is on social media. So, don’t miss opportunity to help people find homes near them or give them advices.

You can also work with real estate as an assistant. Oh, yeah its the main job to help the real estate agent with works online like social media and emails.

Hourly Income

You can make $24-30+ per hour working as Real estate Virtual assistant.

12. Hacker

After seeing this, you probably thinking that what the heck I am talking about?

People think that all hackers are bad but the bad hackers are known as Black hat hacker. You can be a good hacker called White hat hackers which are paid a lot for helping Businesses.

Companies like Facebook are every year offering hackers to hack it for money and help them fix the issues.

Last year price was $1 million+ for finding the way to hack and fix it.

Income Analysis

You can make $1000s by helping small and large businesses tighten their website security by getting your help. Also, there are many bug bounties every year done by big companies which can help you make a lot of money.

13. Copywriter

A copywriter is a similar job to sales and marketing.

Like they are known for writing creative advertisings, emails and scripts to sell more goods and services. You can be copywriter if you really good in communication, have productivity and creativity.

You may not found many copywriters being successful in market but those who are making six figures.

Income Known

  • The hourly income of $24-35+ per hour.
  • Yearly Income can be $52,000-$60,000+ per year.

14. Transcribing

In Transcribing, you have to convert audio like a song into written format like lyrics.

You will be given songs or case files and you have to write the words of files accurately and type them.

There are websites like Transcribe-me, go-transcript and many more. They can pay you any where from $5-20+ per song.

Income Known

  • Newcomers get $10-20 per hour and experienced about $25-35+ per hour.
  • Monthly Income can be $1500+ per month.
  • $40,000+ per year on average.

15. Data Entry

Best thing about this job is like you can work easily from home and need no skills just like a laptop.

Also, even in some situation you can do that from mobile.

But, you can take it has a side-hustle as its not worth much to replace your job for living you currently doing.

There are websites where you can find data-entry work like upwork, flexjobs, microworkers and many more.

Income Analysis

You can make on average $1-24+ per hour and if working monthly $1200+ can be made if you take it as a side-hustle.

Make Money Online Works But these are not Jobs

You will see these things termed as jobs but these are like businesses or anything but these things are not jobs dawg, but you can make a lot of money from these works.

1. Blogging

You can make even $100,000 to $1 million per year from a blog.

What is a Blog ?

You are reading a blog like this is what a blog looks like you have to write posts about some topics people are searching about and make your website show up when they search topic.

Learning how to start a blog is easy but keep working hard is difficult. Learn more about a blog by Video mentioned below.


2. Dropshipping

In Dropshipping, you have to open an online store and sell products which you can buy in bulk from alibaba.com and sell them in profits.

You can create a store through Shopify and import products through Obrelo.

Through Dropshipping you can make $100 to $10 million+ as their is no limit of income.

Websites to Find Jobs Online

  • Flexjobs
  • Upwork
  • Google jobs
  • People per hour
  • r/slavelabour on Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • AngelList
  • Glassdoor

You Reached Turf

My opinion is these jobs are the best you can find on Internet. You can work from home or work partime with your main job. These are well-paying jabs to make a living. If you are looking for some more ways to make money. Check 20+ apps and websites to make money.

Jobs like marketing and copywriting are in high demand in 2020 and will have an increase per year till 2025.

Didn’t found a job suitable for you ?

Comment down which job you are looking for or what skill you have then I will find job for you.

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